PP Laminated self-adhesive Color, Customized Nonwoven Fabric jungwoq laSvargh tlhab Sample

PP laminated self-adhesive color, customized nonwoven fabric jungwoq laSvargh tlhab sample

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PP laminated self-adhesive color, customized nonwoven fabric jungwoq laSvargh tlhab sample


HAP 'U'laminatednonwovenfabricmadeby100 vatlhvI' polypropylene
WIDTHmeetcustomerand vIlopQo' jay' 39 srequirement;
ROLLLENGTHdependsoncustomerand vIlopQo' jay' 39 srequest;
MOQ1 ton, smalltrialorderisacceptable
PAYMENTEscrow rut ghap rut, l ghap [taH, paypal.
TREATMENThydrophilic, flameretardant, Waterproof, Anti-bacterial, Anti-static, Breathable
DELIVERYTIMEwithin20daysafterreceivingthe30 vatlhvI' deposit
widelyusemedical ghap hygienedisposablemedicalproduct, disposablebedsheet, Facemask, surgi
calgown, QInvam protectiveclothes, operationcover, yuvtlhe', shoecover, medicalcurtains
hometextile: vIrurqu'law' ghap storagebags, Tablecloth ghap wallpaper, law' pa' 'aH le'be' ghap wepDaj
mattress ghap filtermaterial, flowerpackingmaterialagriculture:agriculturecove
rsagricuitureweed-controlfabric, bananaprotection, poch ghap flowercover
sanitaryandhealth:babyandamp; adultdiaper, feminiehygiene ghap hygienepad


(10 ~ 40gsm) medical 'ej hygiene: such as ghu diaper, surgical yuvtlhe', botuQtaHvIS, paH, etc.

(15 ~ 70gsm) yuvtlhe' agricultural, yuvtlhe' etc, tlhoy'.

(50 ~ 100gsm) juH Dachegh textile, bags, suits SutwIj qoDDaq, nob bags, sofa, wepDaj-SutwIj qoDDaq, vIrurqu'law' raS cloth, etc.

(50 ~ 120gsm) sofa upholstery, furnishing juH Dachegh, handbag lining, waq leather lining, etc.

(100-200gsm) blind Qorwagh, puH Duj yuvtlhe', etc.


1. chenmoH vo' SIrgh taH, HoS tensile QaQ elongation je;

2. anti-chemical, anti-static, waterproof, breathable, antibacterial.

3. QI'yaH-SuQ, QI'yaH-yIv 'eb, So'meH wej mildew, 'ej in the presence of tIn mInDu'Daj 'ej boch 'ej insects; erosion bacteria isolate

4. DungDaj retardant.

guarantees ghap warranties ghap wabmey 'ej je.

guaranteed laHlIj 'ej delivery poH. laj rut ghap rut je 'Itlh irrevocable l/c DeSDu' puS pagh. goods je rap laHlIj je naD wa' ensure maH. ngugh pagh tu'lu'chugh, chaH remake maH.

packaging andamp; Duj

Packing mIllogh qonwI' qoSta' wej QIt chaH juS ghaH

b. mIllogh qonwI' qoSta' Packing wochbogh

c. Size Packing carton

d. customize Packing

delivery poH: 'emvo' 7-10 jaj qaSpu'DI' tlham confirmed.


1. DuH 'oH wa' sample je'?

be, 'ach vaj yIDIl sample Huj 'ej cost Duj pong customers. ghaH sample

ngeH 'emvo' 3 jaj. nIS customize sample latlh poH

2 tIgh tlham chenmoH SoH?

HIja', oem odm 'ej chavmoH lupoQ. laH, lIng je customersand vIlopQo' jay' 39; chut lulajpu'bogh.

3. whatand vIlopQo' jay' 39 tI s moq?

moq stock items chIS, qaStaHvIS 500 KG color. DuD tlham acceptable. vaj customized items, vaj checked 'oH.

4. chaq tlham DuD chenmoH jIH?

HIja', tlham DuD je stock items vutmeH SoH.

5. whatand vIlopQo' jay' 39 tI payment wabmey s?

Escrow rut ghap rut, lc, paypal, western DIvI'.

self-adhesive color customize laminate pp nonwoven fabric jungwoq laSvargh tlhab sample DaH qem SoH fuhua, wa' largest jungwoq manufacturers 'ej suppliers, vo' laSvargh targhHom veDDaq noch. DubelmoHchugh assured je' leS.

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luqoplu' telecom 'orwI', such as malja' consumers taS ict competitive chavmoH 'ej continuously customer SIQpu'bogh Dub DuHIvDI' je.


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